The best Mastercard Betting Sites in Nigeria 2022

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mastercard 1The culture of sports betting has flourished beyond anyone’s imagination in Nigeria. It’s one of those countries where punters take betting as a serious hobby. And how great would it be if you get the best Mastercard betting sites listed for you?

This amazing electronic payment vendor is one of the most commonly used in Nigeria. And it has proven to be a blessing for the punters all over the country. You can safely deposit and withdraw your funds within minutes!

In this post, we are going to look over the aspect of Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria. We will cover everything you should know and answer the most common questions you might have regarding this payment solution.

The best bookmakers for Mastercard betting in Nigeria

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What Is Mastercard?

Mastercard Incorporated, or just Mastercard, whatever you might want to call it, is one of the largest payment solutions in the world. It’s one of the safest of the bunch as well thanks to its top of the line security features.

Let’s know Mastercard at a glance.

Mastercard is primarily known for its credit cards. The user count is on the billions for this amazing payment system.To own a Mastercard, you must contact your local banks that offer it.You can send money, receive money, and shop all around the world with vendors who support Mastercard. You can also withdraw money from Mastercard network ATMs.All sportsbooks in Nigeria that allow Mastercard will offer the full bonuses and promotions to the punters.You can download the handy app for Mastercard for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access the full potential of your card.

How Does Mastercard Work?

The temptation to know all about Mastercard betting sites is real. We know you are feeling restless. But you must understand how this payment method works before we go any forward.

Mastercard is a financial service that serves consumers like you, small and medium business owners, the Government and Public sector, large enterprises, and even banks or credit unions! There is a Mastercard for everyone in the world.

Different steps go into a transaction in Mastercard betting sites. The same works for debit cards or electronic transfers as well. The steps are namely Authorisation, Clearing, and settlement.

The first step of the process of Authorisation. When you share your card number to the Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria, the request for the transaction is executed by your bank. Mastercard security protocols check the transaction for fraudulent activities and send approval to the bank. Once the transaction is done, you get a receipt of your spending.

The next step is Clearing. This is the step where the Mastercard network receives the information regarding your purchase. The default clearing system in place validates the information before sending it back to your merchant bank.

The last step is Settlement. The Mastercard counter-party receives the payment sent by the merchant bank. Mastercard receives the payment and your bank bills you.

These are basic steps that go into a Mastercard credit card transaction. For a debit card, the last step is eradicated as you must have the necessary funds available before making a purchase.

History of Mastercard

Believe it or not, the heritage of Mastercard dates back to 1958. Mastercard was yet to exist but the debut of BankAmericard created a buzz for being an innovative payment method.

Initially, BankAmericard was a disaster. But it started to make profits in 1961. So, many banks in the United States joined forces in 1966 and launched Interbank. The name was then changed to Master Charge in 1969. And finally, Mastercard came about in 1979. It was way before Mastercard betting sites were a thing.

For the longest time, Mastercard stylized its name as MasterCard. In 2016, it was changed to Mastercard. The logo has also seen significant changes over the years before settling for the red and yellow intersecting circles that you can see now.

It might be a very old alliance among banks, but the first IPO was released in 2006. It has taken over many other brands like Access, Pinpoint, etc. Mastercard even partnered up with Apple in 2014 to create an exclusive app for the users. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the Apply Pay!

Currently, Mastercard has over 18,000 employees. The headquarter is based in New York, USA. It has become one of the major players in the world economy with brands under its umbrella including Maestro, Mondex, Cirrus, and Masterpass.

Lucky for you, you can use many of the Mastercard brands for your punting needs in Nigeria.

Mastercard in Nigeria

You’ll be glad to know that just like the rest of the world, Mastercard has full-fledged operations in Nigeria as well! And there is a chance that you might already have a Mastercard. You can do shopping, send money, receive money, and most importantly, use it for Mastercard betting sites!

Besides consumer use, Mastercard is also responsible for the corporate branding of Nigeria’s ID cards. It all started in 2014 after an agreement between the company and the Nigerian Government.

It was done through the National Identity Management Commission of the country. The ID cards issued after 2014 contains the Mastercard logo. The chip on the card contains the personal database for citizens. Do you know what the best part of this venture is? The card also works as a payment card!

However, it got quite the backlash from Civil Rights Congress for integrating a country’s national ID card with an American company.

But that’s none of your concern. You should be very happy about your Mastercard-infused ID card to bet on the bookmakers!

Advantages of Using Mastercard

The biggest advantage for you, of course, would be the opportunity to use it in the Mastercard betting sites. But there are many reasons why Mastercard is probably the best credit card vendor in the world!

Let’s take a look at the advantages it can provide you.


Mastercard betting SecureFor any payment gateways in Nigeria, security should always be your first priority. And Mastercard has got you covered in this regard. As a payment provider, it incorporates all of the necessary security protocols into the system to ensure your data safety.

The first thing about Mastercard security we want to mention is the Mastercard SecureCode. It’s an online gateway that uses the 3D Secure (3DS) to verify the identity of the owner. It’s an exclusive feature that comes only with Mastercard credit cards. This innovative 3-step authentication feature ensures your safety to the fullest.

Apart from the 3DS, Mastercard also has state of the art e-Commerce protection, liability protection, and transaction alerts in place to really fortify your security at Mastercard betting sites. The electronic chip contained in your card is equipped with amazing encryption technology. So, even if your card gets stolen, the thief will not have access to your information.

However, if you lose your PIN, even the best security measures in the world might not protect you. Contact your bank as soon as possible if that happens!


Another big reason to use Mastercard in Nigeria is the convenience it offers. Mastercard has truly become a one-stop solution for all your payment needs. The company even eliminated the need for an OTP (One Time Password)!

All there is left for you is to go to the Mastercard betting sites and start betting with your hard-earned money.

The availability of this payment gateway is also great in Nigeria. Almost all vendors and e-Commerce services offer Mastercard as a payment method. So, you don’t need to worry about how much cash you have inside your wallet anymore!

The handy tracking feature will allow you to look back and see exactly how much you’ve spent on Mastercard betting sites. It’s a great way to keep track of your expenses with proper receipts!

Offers Mobile App for Android and iOS

As the world is moving forward, everything is getting digitalized. And digitalization means all modern facilities at your fingertips. The mobile apps offered by Mastercard are a giant leap in the right direction.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. It means you can deposit and withdraw money from the Mastercard betting sites no matter where you are. The app comes with all the necessary functionalities.

If you own an iPhone, chances are you have used the Apple Pay app. Did you know that it’s backed by Mastercard as well?

Accepted for Betting

This is by far the biggest advantage for you. It’s very uncommon for a Nigerian bookmaker that does not allow Mastercard as a payment option. You can use it to deposit exactly how much you need to at any time!

The wide acceptability among the sportsbooks has made Mastercard a prime choice for the punters. If you consider yourself a passionate punter but still don’t own a Mastercard, apply for one now.

Mastercard in Betting

Finally, we’ve reached the section you’ve been waiting for. Mastercard betting sites are one of the most common sights you are going to experience in Nigeria. Mastercard is among the safest payment gateways in the world. And names like VISA and Mastercard come back to back in Nigerian sportsbooks.

You can effortlessly use this payment option for all your betting needs. It’s a guarantee that all the sportsbooks you see on our list are going to support Mastercard. In most cases, you’ll be able to use your Mastercard account for both deposits and withdrawals.

In some exceptional cases, the bookmaker might not allow withdrawals using the payment gateway.

Whether you love regular sports betting, virtual sports betting, esports betting, or any kind of gambling, you can put your trust in Mastercard to securely convey your transactions. All of your data and bank information is safe from fraudulent activities.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using Mastercard?

Making deposits is nothing more than a walk in the park when it comes to Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get the money in your sportsbook account.

Log into your sportsbook account and navigate to the payment/cashier/banking page.Select Mastercard from the list of payment providers and enter the amount with want to deposit.Once you click next, you’ll be redirected to the merchant website to authenticate the transaction with your details.You’re done! Your desired amount is now available in your sportsbook account for betting.

Withdrawal is a matter of hiccup when it comes to Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria. Most of the sportsbooks will not allow you to withdraw money using this payment method. But if you’re lucky enough, you’ll surely come across a betting site that offers Mastercard for both deposits and withdrawals.

Select Mastercard from the withdraw menu.Enter the details like your Mastercard number and the amount you want to withdraw.Click next for requesting a withdrawal.Your withdrawal request will go through a pending period from the bookmaker when it verifies your identity.Then, Mastercard validates the transaction and you should receive your payment within 3-5 business days!

How Secure is it to Use Mastercard in betting?

Mastercard SecurityWhen it comes to security, even the best of punters fear for their money. So, you are not alone in the boat of dilemma.

But we can assure you that as long as you select the best Mastercard betting sites from our list, there is no reason for you to worry about your money. The transaction goes through several steps, both from your bank and Mastercard. If there is anything wrong, the payment will be blocked immediately.

It’s true for all of the applications you go for. If Mastercard thinks the transaction should not go through, it will protect you. And you can certainly rely on a payment provider that has over 50 years of experience under its belt!

How to Open a Mastercard Account?

If you’re getting your Mastercard through a local bank, there is no real need for opening a Mastercard account online. Your preferred bank will take care of all the details and provide you with the card.

Online merchants like PayPal, Paysafe Card, or Payoneer also provide Mastercard. What you have to understand here is that Mastercard is really a network rather than the physical card in your wallet. The card might come from your bank, credit card union, or even PayPal.

So, here are general steps of getting yourself a credit card that you can use in Mastercard betting sites. Keep in mind that that the rules will vary from bank to bank. You need to walk into your preferred bank and apply for a Mastercard. We are taking Zenith Bank PLC in Nigeria as an example.

Go to the bank and talk with a customer representative.Fill up a registration form with the necessary details.You will need verification documents like your National ID or passport, a copy of your color photo, a utility bill, and so on.Once you complete the form, deposit the minimum amount required to get your Mastercard issued.If everything goes right, you will receive your Mastercard within a few business days. You might need to call your bank to unlock certain features you might need for Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria.


Mastercard betting sites do not charge any fees for deposits. In fact, all payment options are completely free of charge in the Nigerian sportsbooks.

However, you need to look out for the fees your card provider might charge you. Whether it’s your local bank, PayPal, or Payoneer, you need to read the terms and conditions to truly understand if they are going to charge you for depositing into Mastercard betting sites.

Moreover, if you’re depositing with a dual currency card and use USD instead of Naira, there might a small conversion fee as well.

Alternatives to Mastercard

Mastercard is the 2nd largest payment network in the world. It has a huge customer base with billions of accounts rotating around the globe. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use it all the time. Also, you need another payment method to withdraw your winnings from the bookmaker.

We are going to look at some of the alternatives to Mastercard that you can use in Nigeria.


If there is one payment network standing in the way of Mastercard, that would be VISA. VISA is the world’s largest payment network. And where you won’t find Mastercard as a payment option, you are very likely to find VISA.

Remember BankAmericard? The ancient rival of Interbank? Well, BankAmericard was later named VISA Inc. and it still reigns the world with its spectacular security and humongous user base. And you can use it on Mastercard betting sites as well.

Paysafe Card

Paysafe cards have taken the payment gateway industry by surprise. It’s a pre-loaded card that does not require any of your personal information or bank accounts. Rather, it just uses a 16-digit identification code.

All you have to do is enter the code when you go to the Mastercard betting sites. Most bookmakers in Nigeria offer Paysafecard as a deposit method. However, as it is more like a voucher, you cannot withdraw money with it.

But there’s no need to worry because there is a Paysafe card Mastercard! Yes, you need to open a Paysafe card account and request withdrawal using only your email address. And you can then withdraw the money from any Mastercard supported ATM.


If you’re interested in e-wallets, Neteller should be your primary choice. There are over 23 million active users in the world and it’s very popular among punters in Nigeria. Most of the Mastercard betting sites will allow Neteller as an option to both deposit and withdraw your money.

You can operate Neteller either online by linking your bank account or credit cards to fund it. Then simply use your Neteller information at the betting sites. This way, your personal information is safe from all kinds of harm.

Or, you can go for the Neteller Net+ prepaid Mastercard. It comes under the Mastercard network and you can withdraw your winnings very easily with it. Neteller follows very strict anti-fraud protocols to safeguard your data from cybercriminals.


Neteller and Skrill operate under the same umbrella. Both are owned by the Paysafe Group. Skrill has a larger audience than Neteller worldwide. Both work very similarly in terms of payments, deposits, and withdrawals.

Skrill was initially known as Moneybookers before it was taken over by Paysafe in 2015. You can easily find Skrill as a payment gateway at almost all reputed bookmakers in Nigeria.x


Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria are quite straightforward. You make an account, you select your payment option, you make the deposit and you start punting. But we would still like to share some of our insights in the form of tips to make the experience smooth for you.

Take Your Time

There is no need to rush when you make your deposits or withdrawals. And you should definitely take enough time to figure out which is the best bookmaker for you in Nigeria. Look for the bonuses and promotions that you want.

If everything looks alright, see if Mastercard is available as a payment option or not. And don’t make mistakes when putting extra zeros during your deposits.

Know About All the Fees

Although very unlikely, you might come across different fees when betting at the best Mastercard betting sites in Nigeria. So, it’s always a wise decision to look out for any fees that might come your way.

The best way to do that is to read the terms and conditions of your preferred bookmaker. Or, you can visit the FAQ section and take a quick look.

Make Sure Mastercard is There

It would be quite a surprise if you came across a bookmaker in Nigeria that doesn’t offer Mastercard. But it can happen from time to time. And if you’re determined to use Mastercard for your betting needs, you need to ensure it is there.

It might look like a very obvious tip, but you don’t want to spend all that time verifying your identity when the payment option you want is not there, do you?

Check Out the Limits

No matter where you go in the world, every transaction has a limit. It’s true for Mastercard betting sites as well. So, go through the terms and conditions page of your preferred bookmaker to find out all the limits.

Mastercard FAQs

Is Mastercard accepted as a payment method by all online gambling sites?

No, not every betting site you visit will accept Mastercard as a method of payment. Mastercard, on the other hand, is a very common method of payment, and the majority of the top gaming sites accept it.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from a betting site using a Mastercard?

Yes, you can withdraw money from various betting sites using your Mastercard.

Is using a Mastercard for online betting legal?

Yes, Mastercard does not prohibit its customers from gambling online with their cards.

Is there a fee for online transactions with Mastercard?

Yes, Mastercard charges an online transaction fee.

Is there a limit on the amount of money you may deposit and withdraw using Mastercard?

There are no restrictions on using Mastercard to gamble online. At Mastercard gaming sites, you can deposit as much money as you like and withdraw your profits in the same way.

Yes, Mastercard does not prohibit its customers from gambling online with their cards. Ekon Musa Ekon Musa | Last Modified: May 2, 2022
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