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Out of all of the payment options you get for your transactions at the betting sites, none of them are really targeted at a Nigerian audience. Except for OPay. It might be a relatively new player in the payment provider industry, but it has already partnered up with a lot of OPay betting sites!

In this post, we are going to explore all the functionalities OPay offer to you. We are going to learn how you can make deposits into the OPay betting sites as well as how to top up your OPay account.

The best bookmakers for OPay Betting in Nigeria

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What is OPay?

The first notable distinction we want to give OPay is that it’s a Nigerian payment option. It means it’s developed and run by the Nigerians and made for the Nigerians. It’s a mobile-based payment solution that allows you to take care of all your financial needs.

Let’s get a quick glance at OPay.

OPay is an all-in-one application that you can use for your payments at OPay betting sites, transportation, food, and groceries equally.There are no extra fees charged for your transfers at OPay betting sites.The minimum deposit for this amazing mobile solution is only N100. The maximum deposit is N250,000 which is more than enough for you as a punter.You are at liberty to use OPay for your withdrawals if the betting site allows it.The OPay has a betting section integrated into the app where you can find the complete list of bookmakers offering it.

How Does OPay Work?

OPay is a mobile payment solution, meaning it utilizes your phone number as your unique identity. The OPay account is tied to the SIM card on your phone. When you make an account, you must verify it to unlock the potential for OPay betting sites.

In your account, you have a suite of applications that you can use. For starters, you can pay your electricity or credit card bills. When you feel hungry, you can just go ahead and open the ‘OFood’ section of the app to order some food!

Then there’s the ‘OCar’ and ‘ORide’. It’s a transportation feature that allows to you book your mode of transport on the go. Need some quick funds? Open up the Okash section and follow the guidelines.

Lastly, the app also has an investment scheme known as the ‘OWealth’. You can equally save and make money with this feature.

All of the functions combined, OPay is the ideal solution for the average Nigerian as well as the power users. You can basically perform every little task with your account including betting at the OPay betting sites.

History of OPay

If you didn’t guess from the name already, OPay is a company founded by Opera. Yes, the Opera browser you have installed on your computer or mobile phone. It’s a company based in Norway and partly owned by the Chinese Kunlun Tech.

However, the name OPay was only derived in 2018, when Opera acquired it. Before, it was known as PayCom Nigeria Limited. The concept was initialized by Telbet (Nigeria) Limited back in 2010. Later in 2017, Opera acquired PayCom and revitalized the operation in 2018 with the new name ‘OPay’.

The parent company, Opera, is currently the leading market shareholder in the mobile internet space. It debuted in 2006 intending to include as many Africans as possible into the financial services. And thanks to the acquisition by Opera, OPay is also available in Kenya.

Opa History

OPay Betting Sites – History

OPay in Nigeria

The services of OPay have always been at your fingertips even before it was known as OPay. PayCom has been operating since 2010 as a mobile payment solution.

Most importantly, you can use OPay for your punting needs. OPay might be a relative newcomer in the payment processing industry, but its wide range of services has made it a prime choice among punters.

And seeing the growing popularity, online sportsbooks have started offering OPay to their consumers. You can easily find some of the finest bookmakers listed in our post.

Apart from the payment option, you can use OPay as a lifestyle app. From ordering your food to your transportation, OPay can handle everything.

It shows that the vision Opera had in mind is gradually coming to reality. And OPay betting sites are a great example.

Advantages of Using OPay

OPay, the payment system is so much more than it meets the eyes. You’ll be wondered when you understand the scale of operations of this company. It’s a complete solution for your financial as well as lifestyle needs. And the user-base is increasing rapidly.

Mobile Based Application

A huge benefit of mobile solutions is that you don’t need to open any extra accounts. You don’t necessarily need a bank account or a credit card to use OPay. It’s a standalone service that only occupies your mobile number.

Your first step is to open an OPay account. Wondering how to do it? We have a dedicated section for opening an OPay account later in the post. Every time you log in, you will find the entire array of services offered.

Very Simple to Use

You wouldn’t want the OPay betting sites to be extremely complicated, would you? And to make the experience even more seamless, the payment gateway must be simple too. And that is exactly how we can portray OPay, simple and easy to use.

The user interface is packed with features and options. But all of them are placed in an organized fashion and you can intuitively figure out what you need to do. The application is very optimized for mobile devices. So, you won’t face any delays or jitters when using it.

No Fees Required at OPay Betting Sites

Using OPay in betting sites is completely free in Nigeria! It’s a huge benefit to any punter. It doesn’t matter whether you use OPay betting sites once a week or every other day, you don’t have to pay anything other than the amount you want to deposit.

Moreover, you might even save money when using OPay! Being the Nigerian knight ‘payments’ in shining armor, OPay has managed to squeeze some extra bonuses and offers from some of the best online sportsbooks!

If you select the right betting site at the right time, you will be surprised to see the extent of these offers. You can sometimes get away with depositing with only 50% of what you initially intended.

All in One Solution

As we said earlier, OPay is more than what meets the eye. From the name itself, you might think it only processes payments. But Opera had something else in mind. It wanted to create the ultimate solution for punters in Nigeria.

You can order food with OFood. You can order transportation with ORide or OCar. You can go with OKash to borrow money in case of an emergency. And the handy investment app is a great way to let go of some of your money lying around to turn around for quick cash.

Wide Variety of Options for Funding

Funding an OPay account is probably one of the easiest things you can do. And it’s mandatory for the OPay betting sites in Nigeria. You might not get a wide variety of options, but the options are more accessible than most other high-end gateways.

The first and easiest way you can top-up your OPay wallet is by going to an OPay merchant. All you have to do is provide your phone number and deposit the money. The merchant will take care of the process for you.

Another method is to add your credit/debit card or your bank account into the app. Going with a card is more convenient because the bank of your choice might not yet be included in the system. But VISA and Mastercard are already included.


Mastercard betting SecureLast but not the least, the security offered by OPay. Being a mobile-based application, OPay is already safe from a huge chunk of data breach attempts every year. However, the possibility of scams and fraudulent activities is still persistent.

That’s where the advanced fraud detection by OPay comes into play. The data you provide while opening your account is encrypted with very strong cryptography. And it is cross-checked every time you log in to make a payment.

To safeguard your money, OPay is compliant with PCI and DSS. If you don’t know what they mean, let us clarify. PCI stands for Payment Cards Industry, one of the most reputed regulatory bodies for payments. And DSS stands for Data Security Standard.

OPay in Betting

Being a payment solution invented for the Nigerians, OPay and betting go hand in hand. OPay betting sites are quite a common finding in the Nigerian iGaming industry. Even the OPay app has a dedicated section where it showcases all the bookmakers you can make payments to!

Another reason why OPay might be the perfect solution for betting in Nigeria is that you don’t need any other accounts. For your credit cards or debit cards, you usually need a bank account. Then you must have enough money or credit to deposit the money.

With OPay, all of the inconveniences are eliminated. You can just go ahead and contact an OPay merchant to fund your account. And use the same account to withdraw your winnings from the bookmakers.

opay in betting

OPay in betting

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using OPay?

Think of OPay as a mini bank inside your phone. A bank that you don’t have to ever go to because everything is at your fingertips. Even the OPay betting sites! And to enjoy betting, you need to first deposit into your sportsbook account

How do you do that? Well, the process is very straightforward. If you’re familiar with how sportsbook deposits work, it will be an easy lesson for you. Even if you don’t, worry not because we are going to cover it in full.

Open your OPay account and log in.Assuming you have sufficient balance in your account, select the betting option from the homepage.From the dropdown list of accepted platforms, select one that you see fit.Enter the credentials for your betting account and the amount you want to deposit.Enter the password to authenticate the transaction. OPay deposits are instant so you should find the money readily available for betting.You can also deposit from the betting site’s cashier/banking page as well. Select OPay from the list of options and follow the instructions. The process is going to be more or less similar.

Unfortunately, many bookmakers in Nigeria don’t allow deposits and withdrawals together. Then again, the glass is always half full, right? Many sportbsooks accept OPay for both and they should be your target. And we have done the research for you in this case.

Go to the banking page of your preferred bookmakerSelect OPay from the list.Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Provide the phone number.The money will be transferred to your OPay wallet as soon as the bookmaker clears your payment.

How Secure is it to Use OPay in Betting?

When safety is your matter of concern, throw it away because OPay has amazing security standards to ensure your safety at the OPay betting sites. It’s one of the largest payment networks across Africa. It’s also owned by the very reputed Opera Group. So, safety is not an issue.

Let’s start with information security. You will only be offering your phone number to the betting site when making a deposit or withdrawal. It might be already part of your bookmaker account. So, you are not giving up any sensitive information like your bank account number or credit card information.

As OPay betting sites use your phone number to identify you, it’s safe to say that only you can use it. In case you lose your phone, you should always use a strong password. And you should always contact your SIM card provider to turn off the lost SIM.

When you follow the instructions properly, you practically get an unbreakable wall of protection around your OPay betting sites accounts.

Secure Maestro card

Secure OPay Betting

How to Open an OPay Account?

If you’re interested in using OPay for your OPay betting site needs, you need an account at first. Opening an OPay account is child’s play. You can do it right from your home. You don’t need to visit any banks or an OPay merchant.

Here are the steps you need to follow while opening your first OPay account.

Step 1

Go to your phone’s respective app store. If you’re using an Android device, Google Play is what you need. In case your phone is an iPhone, you need to navigate to the iOS store. Search for OPay when you’re there.

Step 2

Download the app and let it install on your phone. Once the download is completed, open up the app. Find the Sign Up option.

Step 3

Provide all the information the app asks. Enter your phone number and verify it with the OTP (One Time Password).

Step 4

Now you need to select a password that you are going to use every time you use OPay betting sites. Make sure the password is strong and only you know about it.

Step 5

The app will ask for personal information in this stage. Your name, address, occupation, etc. are the common information you have to provide. Lastly, set up your payment PIN and verify your email address to complete the process.


When using any payment gateway, you must provide a fee for its services. OPay is no different. But what sets OPay apart from the rest of the bunch is free transactions at OPay betting sites. Yes, the deposits and withdrawals are absolutely free!

However, there are charges for your other transactions. For example, you get 3 bank wire transfers every day. After that, you have to pay a mere N15 for each transfer. Another 3% fee is added at the beginning of every transaction. It is automatically added to your balance.

Alternatives to OPay

OPay, the mobile betting solution is available across Nigeria with 300,000 merchants across the country. It is a very safe and convenient method for OPay betting sites.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot use any other payment gateway you please. OPay betting sites are likely to add other payment processing methods at your disposal.

Let us look at some of the common alternatives you can use instead of OPay.


Probably the biggest rival for OPay betting sites. Neteller is an e-wallet, owned by the infamous Paysafe Group. It’s a very prominent payment option in betting sites across the world. Nigerian punters tend to trust Neteller with their money for deposits and withdrawals.

You can do the same by simply opening an account online. However, you need a deposit method to fund your Neteller account. It might be a bank account or your credit/debit card.


Skrill is very similar to Neteller. Both are owned by the same company. Skrill allows you to make payments to merchants, transfer money to your other accounts, withdraw money from freelance websites and so on. Most importantly, you can use Skrill at OPay betting sites.


If you like the idea of an e-wallet, you are guaranteed to love EcOPayz. With 4 different account tiers, it might be just what you are looking for to replace OPay. It operates in over 150 countries around the world and Nigeria happens to be one of them.

The reason why we trust EcoPayz in Nigeria is its safety features. It’s not only compliant with the PCI and DSS protocols, but it’s also regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of the UK. You get the full array of services any e-wallets offer.

Credit Cards or Debit Cards

Coming out of the realm of e-wallets, we have cards next. Credit cards are more commonly used in OPay betting sites than you would imagine. Almost every affluent Nigerian has a credit card. And you might one of them.

If you don’t have a credit card yet, the chances are very high that you have a debit card. Debit cards usually come standard with any bank accounts in Nigeria. Just like credit cards, you can use debit cards for betting. The most popular networks include VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro in Nigeria.

Preloaded Cards and Vouchers

The mother entity of both Neteller and Skrill has a separate service as well. It’s a preloaded card known as the Paysafe Card. You can buy these cards at specific points like petrol pumps or departmental stores and use the credit for your betting.

Then comes the vouchers. Neosurf and EcoVouchers are two great examples of credit vouchers. You can simply use the vouchers to make your deposits at any of the OPay betting sites.

Unfortunately, these options don’t offer withdrawal.

OPay Betting- FAQs

Is it safe to use OPay for sports betting?

OPay uses your phone number to distinguish you from the rest of the internet. The amazing PCI and DSS protocols ensure that your data is safe. And you’re not going to expose any of your personal information to OPay betting sites. So, yes, OPay is as safe as it gets for betting.

Which deposit/withdrawal methods can I use when using OPay?

OPay is an all-in-one payment solution for Nigerian residents. As sports betting is an integral part of Nigerian culture, you can use the same app for your betting. You can either use your OPay app or the bookmaker account to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Do I Have to verify anything, when using OPay?

While opening an OPay account, the app will ask you to verify your mobile number and your email address. That’s all there is in terms of verification at OPay betting sites.

Will there be any fees added when I use OPay?

No. OPay transactions at the betting sites are completely free. But you need to pay N15 for every transaction if you go over 3 bank transfers a day. Another 3% fee is added to your balance for every transaction.

What do I do if my OPay payment is declined?

Check for available balance. If you’re low, add more from an OPay merchant or your bank account/credit card. The next option is to check whether your bookmaker supports OPay or not. If nothing is working, you can always reach out to the support team.

How long will it take before my deposit is received by the betting site?

Deposits made through the OPay mobile banking app are credited to your bookmaker account immediately.

How long will it take before my withdrawal is received from the betting site?

Withdrawing funds from an online bookmaker consists of a few steps. First, you need to request a withdrawal. Then the bookmaker will verify your identity. Lastly, you receive the payment. The whole process can take anywhere between 24 hours to 7 business days.


We are almost at the end of our venture with OPay betting sites. But before we go our own way and you start to bet your hard-earned money, we would like to share some helpful tips with you.

Take Your Time

OPay transactions don’t take much time. The deposits go through immediately. So, why would you want to rush? The transactions take mere seconds to complete.

So, we recommend that you take your time finding the right OPay betting sites for you. Make sure that you can use it for both deposits and withdrawals at the sportsbook.

Calculate the Fees Beforehand

The fees that you have to pay for using OPay are minimal. But it’s always a good idea to cover all the fields. As you know there is a 3% fee for every transaction, calculate them before you transfer the money.

If you think there is a better option available, use it.

Make Sure OPay is Available

OPay betting sites have become quite common in Nigeria. But it’s still not yet adopted by all of them. So, if you’re looking forward to using OPay for your deposits, you need to ensure that the bookmaker has it.

Understand the Limits

Finally, the limits. OPay has a minimum limit of N100 which is the perfect beginning for any punter. And the upper limit goes up to N250,000!

Apart from the app limits, you need to know the limits placed by the betting sites. You should refer to the terms and conditions page to get detailed information about them.

Summary – OPay Betting Sites

OPay has changed the dynamic of the payment processing industry in Nigeria. And OPay betting sites didn’t take long to adapt to the change in trends. More merchants are popping up every day while more punters are going for the easy approach for their betting needs.

It’s the best time to open accounts at the OPay betting sites and we have lined them up right here for you.

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