The best VISA Betting Sites in Nigeria 2022

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VISA betting sites 2022

Visa Logo 2006 2014 1Do you love to bet on your favorite sports? We know you do, just like 60 million other Nigerians. The country has a wonderful culture of betting with a diverse market and very enthusiastic punters like you. And that’s why we’re here with the best VISA betting sites for you.

Where there is online betting, there is a need for deposits and withdrawals. And having a secure mode of payment is every punters’ right. If you have a VISA card in your wallet right now, then you already have an amazing payment gateway for the sportsbooks in Nigeria.

If you don’t, there is nothing to worry about. We’ve compiled every piece of information out there regarding the VISA betting sites. At the end of this post, you’ll be able to make use of VISA like nothing else.

The best bookmakers for VISA betting in Nigeria

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What Is VISA?

VISA Inc. is a multinational financial service provider. Its headquarter is based in Foster City, California. As you can see, it’s an American company with worldwide operations. VISA is mostly known for its branded cards.

In theory, this is the 2nd largest payment processing company in the world. UnionPay comes to the top in terms of the transaction value. However, UnionPay only dominates the Chinese domestic market.

So, we can safely say that VISA is the largest financial service provider in the world. Now, let’s look at some interesting facts regarding VISA.

VISA owns a 50% market share of the total card payments in the world at the time of writing.VISA Inc. has four data centers in the world. 2 of them are in the United States, 1 in England, and 1 in Singapore. These data centers are extremely secure, even against natural disasters. The system is so powerful that it can process 30,000 transactions at once!The global VISA network is known as VisaNet. VisaNet is responsible for all the transactions happening through VISA branded cards, both credit and debit.Every sportsbook you find on our best VISA betting sites list offers VISA for both deposits and withdrawals.VISA is a very secure medium for you to send money, receive money, make payments, and perform other bank-oriented tasks.

How Does VISA Work?


In your lifetime, you’ve definitely come across a VISA branded card. Whether it’s a credit card or a debit card, VISA is the most commonly used card in the world, except for China.

But what you have to understand is that VISA doesn’t offer any cards. And it doesn’t provide you with the money as well. It doesn’t even store your money. So, what does VISA do?

VISA is nothing but a payment network, spread all over the world and processing your transactions. It has partnered up with financial institutions in countries, namely the local banks around you. The cards are actually issued by the bank where you open your account.

Your VISA branded card will work anywhere in the world where you see the VISA logo. It has been possible for the widespread network VISA has managed to establish over years.

When you deposit at the VISA betting sites using your card, the money is deducted from your bank account. Your bank transfers the money to the bookmaker through VisaNet. The sportsbook you choose might not accept your bank, but it will accept VISA.

VISA has essentially made globalization a reality. You can open an account at your nearest bank to deposit money. Using VISA cards, you can make payments or buy goods from anywhere in the world.

Currently, VISA operates in over 200 countries around the world, including Nigeria.

History of VISA

The legacy of VISA Inc. started way back in 1958. The Bank of America launched its first credit card program that was named the BankAmericard. Initially, the program was only confined in Fresno, California.

Bank of America dropped over 65,000 unsolicited credit cards in the mails of the Fresno residents, saturating the industry. Joseph P. Williams is credited to the be inventor BankAmericard. It was a product derived by the internal organization of Bank of America, the Think Tank.

Master Charge (currently Mastercard) came a few years after BankAmericard. But it started by partnering up with financial institutions rather than offering an in-house product. BankAmericard did the same in 1966.

In 1970, Bank of America was not directly in control of the BankAmericard anymore. A consortium with other issuer banks was formed and it was named VISA in 1976.

VISA as we know it, VISA Inc. came about in 2006, when the company decided to go public with IPO. VISA International, VISA Canada, and VISA USA were merged to form VISA Inc.

Visa card history

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VISA in Nigeria

Among the 200 countries VISA operates in now, Nigeria is one of them. You can go into almost any of your local banks and get yourself a VISA debit or credit card. It even has a separate portal for Nigerians! Go to!

VISA has been expanding its network in Nigeria since it became a public company. In Nigeria, VISA is available with its entire suite of card solutions. VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Infinite, VISA Platinum, and VISA Signature, all are available for you to grab from your local banks!

Another amazing offering is the mVISA. It launched in 2016 after prolonged discussions with the banks of Nigeria. It’s an innovative mobile payment solution for existing and new VISA users. They can either use a QR code to scan and pay the vendor. Or, in case the user doesn’t have a smartphone, they can use a merchant number to pay.

Mastercard might be in charge of the government-issued ID cards in Nigeria, but you cannot ignore the presence of the VISA network. It’s especially true for VISA betting sites because Mastercard doesn’t offer withdrawal from betting sites anymore.

Advantages of Using VISA

Using a mode of payment that is secure and fast is a dream for every punter in Nigeria. And we know it’s true for you as well. VISA is the largest worldwide network for electronic payments. And it has some extraordinary benefits when you use it at VISA betting sites.


Security always comes to the top of the list for us. A payment gateway that is not sufficiently secure doesn’t mean anything to us or the punters.

You’ll be glad to know that being the largest network, VISA is amazingly secure. The security measures are equally strong from the user’s end to the servers where the data is stored.

You already know that VISA has four data centers to operate the VisaNet. All of these data centers can operate individually. Meaning, even if one data center is immobilized, the flow of operations won’t take a hit.

The data centers are also protected against any natural disasters like storms and earthquakes. It’s even secured from terrorist activities like bombing.

And for data protection over the internet, VISA has implemented top-quality encryption technology. Your transactions are safe from the eyes of scammers and hackers at VISA betting sites.

The verified by VISA 3D authentication tool is a nice touch as well. It ensures no transactions go through without you knowing. When you make a payment, you must enter an OTP (One Time Password) from your mobile phone.

Building Credit

Using VISA credit cards is a very good way to build your credit. It’s not only more available than any other credit card provider, it’s more accepted and has more protective measures in place to safeguard you.

For example, when you make deposits into the VISA betting sites, you will earn credit for your purchase. And given that you pay the bills in time, you won’t have to pay anything extra. Moreover, you might even save some money in the process!

Also, it makes the vendors more honest. Let us understand it better by coming out of the VISA betting sites and consider a VISA accepting e-commerce website. If you don’t receive the product you ordered and make a dispute, your local bank will withhold the payment until the issue is solved.


Credit card providers often offer a tier of cards that comes with reward points. VISA is no different. If you qualify for a VISA credit card that offers reward points for every Naira you spend, you should definitely go for it.

Your expenditure in the VISA betting sites will accumulate reward points that you can later use in restaurants, petrol pumps, and even for airplane tickets!

Frequent Flyer Miles

This is an amazing feature offered by VISA credit cards in partnership with Airlines. If you’re a frequent traveler, this might be your opportunity to shave off thousands from your airplane tickets.

You earn miles depending on how much you spend using credit cards. Gather enough miles and you may even get a reward flight!

VISA in Betting

As a Nigerian, you love betting on sports and we know it. But how do the VISA betting sites operate? Is it safe to use VISA? Do sportsbooks accept VISA?

It’s time for you to be happy because almost every sportsbook in Nigeria accepts VISA as a payment gateway. If you have a VISA credit or debit card, you can use it for betting. And if you’re extra lucky, you might even find mVISA as an offering!

The betting industry was always in need of a secure payment processing partner. It had to something that is widely used by the punters and offers good value. VISA has managed to fill the void effectively.

Even the sportsbook that offers a very limited array of payment methods, you can expect to find VISA in there. It hasn’t become the world’s leading electronic payment processor for no reason. The spectacular blend of functionality and affordability has made it the prime choice for punters in Nigeria.

visa in betting

Visa in betting

How to Deposit and Withdraw Using VISA?

To start your venture at VISA betting sites, you need to make deposits first. And after you’re done, you might want to withdraw some money as well. VISA is the perfect gateway in this regard because it offers both.

Let’s see how you can make deposits into the VISA betting sites from your home!

First, log into your sportsbook account from your computer or smartphone.Find the banking page. It might be labeled as Cashier/Deposits/Payments.Once you’re on the page, you will see a list of payment gateways that you select. Select VISA.Enter the necessary details like how much you want to deposit, your sportsbook email address, and so on.You will get redirected to another portal where you can select the authentication method. You may select your phone number to receive an SMS or your email address to get the OTP.Complete the process and you’ll get notifications that the money has been debited.Check your sportsbook account. The credits should be there instantly at VISA betting sites.

Unlike Mastercard, VISA doesn’t restrict your abilities to withdraw funds from the sportsbooks in Nigeria. Just like you made the deposit, you can withdraw your funds using your VISA credit card or debit card.

Similar to the deposit, visit the banking page and select withdrawal this time.Enter how much you want to withdraw. If there are any withdrawal fees, you should see them in this step.Enter your credit card number or the bank account number if you’re using a debit card.Once the sportsbooks verify your identity, your payment will be disbursed.Then, VISA Inc. and your local bank will validate the transfer and credit the money into your account within 3-5 business days.

How Secure is it to Use VISA in betting?

Mastercard betting SecureVISA is as safe as any payment gateways can be. It’s true for betting in Nigeria as well. VISA credit cards are probably the most commonly used and offered mode of a transaction at sportsbooks. So, as long as you’re selecting a reputed sportsbook, your money will show up in the account.

VISA only partners with legit businesses. The anti-fraud mechanism is one of the finest in business. So, if you don’t find VISA at a sportsbook, chances are the platform is a scam.

What you can do is always use our list as the benchmark and select the sportsbook from here. We have done extensive research on these VISA betting sites in Nigeria.

How to Get a VISA Card?

To get a VISA card, whether credit or debit, you need to resort to your local financial institution. VISA is nothing but a global network of financial corporations. It connects the world together by offering the same front for all VISA branded cards.

Let’s see how you can get yourself a VISA card to use in the VISA betting sites.

Select one of your local banks to open an account.Walk in there physically or consult the bank over the phone or email.You will be asked to fill up a form along with necessary documentation. And you need to make a minimum deposit to get your account going.If you want a credit card, let the bank know. They will assess your situation and let you know if you qualify for a credit card.If you do, know about the limits and benefits of the card.If your card doesn’t offer international transactions by default, call your bank to know how to unlock it.


A big reason why punters like to use VISA over any other payment gateway is the fees. The fees are very minimal when compared to competitors. You might come across an annual fee for your card or the bank account. But all transactions in the VISA betting sites are completely free.

Speaking of  fees, you have to keep in mind that VISA is not responsible for any fees you pay. It neither sets the fees nor does it regulate it. It entirely depends on the issuer financial institution. How much you have to pay in fees depends on their partnership with VISA.


Visa Fees

Alternatives to VISA

VISA might be the largest payment network in the world. But it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. There might be circumstances where your VISA balance is empty. Or, you might have used up the limit of your credit card. Or, you might not have a VISA branded card altogether. Does that mean you cannot bet at VISA betting sites?

Of course not! There are many alternatives to VISA that you can use at your favorite betting sites.


Mastercard is the most obvious alternative to VISA. It comes right after VISA in terms of user count and popularity. Also, Mastercard is currently responsible for the National ID of Nigeria!

A Mastercard credit or debit card is perfectly fine for use in VISA betting sites. However, you cannot withdraw the money using it. Mastercard has discontinued its services to withdraw from betting sites.

American Express

The user count is fairly low for American Express. But it’s still one of the most prestigious payment networks in the world. And if you’re lucky enough, you might find a few VISA betting sites that accept Amex.

Paysafe Card

If you don’t have a credit card or a debit card, you can use pre-loaded cards like the Paysafe Card for example. It’s a great way to make deposits into your sportsbook account. There is no need for any bank accounts or exposing any of your personal data on the internet.

You can go into any store that sells Paysafe cards and buy them instantly. The unique number printed on the card is your gateway for payment.

However, you cannot withdraw using this method. You have to opt for another payment processing company or go with the Paysafe Card Mastercard to unlock the potential of withdrawal.


If you want to stay away from conventional payment methods, you can always go for e-wallets. E-wallets are digital wallets where you can keep your money, make transfers, and most importantly, use them in VISA betting sites.

When it comes to e-wallets, names like Neteller and Skrill come to the top. Both of them are owned by the Paysafe Group. And both e-wallets cumulatively have over 50 million users around the world.

So, you can imagine how popular these payment gateways are. Sure, the fees are higher than conventional electronic payment processors like VISA and Mastercard, but the convenience you get is worth the extra cost.

You can open a Neteller or Skrill account without leaving your home. You can verify your accounts by providing necessary documents and you can fund your account with regular methods like bank transfer as well.


Visa cardParticipating at the VISA betting sites is a spectacular experience. And You should utilize all the opportunities to build credit and save money when you can.

On the other hand, a few wrong moves can set you back thousands of Naira. So, let us share some of the best tips that you use while betting in Nigeria.

Evaluate Your Payment Options

Selecting the right payment provider for your needs is crucial. If you have a VISA credit card, there is no need for you to go out and get a Mastercard. Because VISA works perfectly fine for most sportsbooks in Nigeria.

So, we always recommend taking enough time to evaluate the best payment gateway for you. VISA betting sites are very flexible in terms of payment providers. So, if you don’t have VISA, you can use other options like Amex or e-wallets.

Know About All the Fees

Where there are financial transactions, there are fees. So, it’s not impossible that you face fees while betting at the VISA betting sites. However, the fees depend on who issued your VISA branded card.

Contact your local bank or credit union to learn about the fees before you go ahead and make bets.

Make Sure VISA is There

How would you feel if you went ahead and got a VISA card for your sports betting needs but later found out your preferred bookmaker doesn’t offer it? We know it won’t feel good. That’s why you should always make sure that your preferred payment gateway is accepted by your preferred sportsbook in Nigeria.

Check Out the Limits

Depending on the tier of your VISA card, there will be limits on your transactions. The higher the tier, the higher the limit. In the case of a debit card, you can call the bank to increase your limit and match it with your bookmaker.

Summary – VISA Card Betting Sites

VISA is the largest electronic payment service in the world. The wide acceptance of the payment method across the VISA betting sites in Nigeria is just the consequence. If you ask a punter living next door about which credit card he has, he might answer VISA.

So, if you have a VISA branded card lying in your wallet, go ahead and start betting at the VISA betting sites!

Visa Faqs

Is Visa a safe way to make a deposit money at a betting site?

Visa is one of the safest payment options available at betting sites. ‘Visa Secure’ provides an additional layer of protection for your online transactions.

What is the best way to withdraw money from Visa?

All Visa credit cards have a spending limit, and as long as you don’t go over that limit, you can quickly withdraw funds from your card. When processing a Visa debit card withdrawal, make sure you have enough money in your account to complete the transaction.

Which betting sites offer Visa as a payment method?

Almost all  online betting websites will accept visas as a paying method.

Is there a promotion for Visa betting sites?

Although there are no exclusive incentives for Visa Debit customers, all of the betting bonuses are normally available to be used with this payment method, giving you additional options.

How long does it take to withdraw money with a Visa card?

Visa deposits are almost always instantaneous. Withdrawals, when approved, can take anywhere from 3-5 business days, depending on the bookmaker.

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